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Our mission is to inform you how retirement works, and provide you with the information psychological mindset, and tools you need now, so you may retire sooner than later. The good news is you do not need to spend money to get this information, it's all free right here. It's our way of giving back to society.

We are Glen and Ed two engineers who met a long time ago in the 1980's and have taken online trading courses, between the two of we have discussed many hours of saving, being frugal and also our investing techniques. We draw on a wealth of advice from financial planning seminars, retired friends and contacts in the financial world.


Amazing Mark Zuckerberg bumps Warren Buffett down one notch and becomes the World’s Third-Richest Person And what does he do? Collect data!

Ed's Dad

“When I retire I want to do absolutely nothing and when I go to sleep, I'll only be have done with nothing. ”

We are not certified planners nor are we members of any financial board, or agency, we assume no responsibility for you loss or hardship or broken dreams. We will not be held responsible for any financial loss. We can only speak what works for us and hope you can gleam some lessons learned from us.

1 Hour+ video: Warren Buffet's Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH)

5+ Minutes: Why we wrote Factfulness

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